NOW ON DISPLAY: “Dex: A View of Scale” by O.U.R. STL - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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NOW ON DISPLAY: “Dex: A View of Scale” by O.U.R. STL

Every month, Third Degree welcomes a new local artist or art group to showcase their work in our East Gallery as a part of our Third Friday open house. This month, we are showcasing out-of-this-world artwork by O.U.R. STL, titled Dex: A View of Scale.

O.U.R. defines itself as being a mural company who uses spray enamel as its primary medium. While we love the look of spray enamel, we are constantly trying to reinvent its uses, applications, and settings. O.U.R., or Operation Urban Renewal is striving to present the feel and look reminiscent of popular graffiti artist crews, but shifting to the focus to present the medium in a positive light. O.U.R. consists of three members: Adam Sherman, Myles Keough, and Justin Dirks, all of whom have painted murals in and around the St. Louis area for three years, with each of them possessing a unique skill set that make the operation work.

Adam Sherman has been a woodworker and marquetry wood inlay expert for over a decade, bringing a craftsmen’s level of perfection and skill to the product’s final look.
Justin Dirks holds an MFA in studio art from Fontbonne University with an emphasis in Graphic Design. He has been a Head Graphic designer at Vinyl Images for 5 years and allows the collaborative group to present bids/mock ups at a high level.
Myles Keough is the Adaptive Thinking Teacher at The Biome School in the Central West End and has been showing art professionally in St. Louis for the last 14 years.

About the show:

“With the Dex series we are using a mix of spray enamel techniques to create worlds or spaces that can defy scale. The enamel ‘reactions’ create a field of color that to some appear to be on a microscopic scale, while others view the scale as colossal  reminiscent of galaxies. With this show we are finding inspiration in vibrant colored glass from Third Degree.”

Dex: A View of Scale will be on display until Wednesday, February 14. Come see this incredible body of work and take a unique work of art home with you! We’re open Monday-Saturday 10:00a-5:00p & Sunday 11:00a-4:00p.

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Third Friday July 19 is a district-wide block party with Makers Market, live music, & more from MADE, Craft Alliance, TDG, & Magic House.
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