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Offering one-on-one training and experiences in our hot glass studio.

Private Glassblowing Session

Schedule 2 1/2 hour sessions working with a skilled glass artist to learn the craft. The Private Glassblowing Sessions can be solo or with a plus one in your pod with no additional charges. Glass working time will be shared, and this is ideal for building a working relationship with a partner in the hot glass studio.   Zero experience/tools required to make the glass of your dreams. +10 age requirement

Please be sure to enter your credit card number to ensure a streamlined reservation process.

2 1/2 hour session: $350.00+tax

Private Training with a structured curriculum is available at the same rates.

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Glass 1: Intro to Glassblowing

Have you ever wanted to create your own blown glass?

Get ready for an exciting 5-week introduction to glassblowing. Start learning with the basic skills, such as gathering, marvering, puntying, blowing, shaping and how to use the tools to create your own one-of-a-kind blown vessels.

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Fused Wreath Class

Skip your traditional wreath-making class this year and create a glass one that will last for years to come!



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Holiday Door Class

Create something special for this holiday season and make a door or window Holiday ornament!



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Beadmaking is back on Delmar!

We’ve partnered with our neighbor, Craft Alliance, to bring glass beadmaking classes back to Delmar!  Use the link below to head to their website to sign up for a class today. Experienced flame/torchworking artists are welcome to rent torch time and purchase materials at our location during our normal gallery hours.  Craft Alliance is just East of Third Degree Glass, at 5080 Delmar.

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Hot Shop rental includes clear GLASMA glass from our two freestanding 300 pound furnaces, use of marvers, bench, hot torch and bench torch, annealers, and basic hand tools, blowpipes and punties.

12″ Glory Hole: $120/3hr
18″ Glory Hole: $165/3hr

Renter Certification is required for all first time renters.

Flame Studio rental includes use of a Nortel minor burner torch and annealing space.  Artists may bring their own larger torches for an additional charge.

Minor Torch Rental: $8.50/hr
Large Torch Use: $14/hr

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Next Third Friday is Oct. 20th

Gallery is open Tues-Sat, 10a -5p