Glassblowing - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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A state-of-the-art studio for working with hot glass

All classes and experiences are currently paused, please check out our online gallery to help support our local artists!

The Hot Shop

This is where it all began! Our Hotshop — or Glassblowing studio — is an amazing facility for working with hot glass. Glass enthusiasts of all skill levels are welcome to take classes, watch live demonstrations, and rent time to produce original artwork at competitive rental rates.


Two 300 lb freestanding crucible furnaces

One 20″ brick lined glory hole
One 16″ brick lined glory hole
Three 12″ brick lined glory holes

Multiple front loading & top loading annealers

Large garage

Rentable lockers for storage


22″ Glory Hole: $76/hr
18″ Glory Hole: $48/hr or $53/hr*
12″ Glory Hole: $38/hr or $43/hr*

Rental rates include clear glass from the furnace, use of marvers, bench, hot torch and bench torch, annealers, and basic hand tools, blowpipes and punties.

*Rate for students who wish to rent time for practice under instructor supervision. Advance reservation & orientation required.

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