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Little known fact: Drinks simply taste better when consumed from a handmade glass. Filling a one-of-a-kind glass with your favorite boozy beverage is the most perfect way to kick off a nice summer evening outdoors.

Come visit us for “Summer Sips” at Third Friday to find your perfect glass, and all the perfect accessories! From champagne glasses to beer steins, coasters to wine charms, the artists at Third Degree have all the handmade glass goods to make your summer sparkle.


Glassmaking Demonstrations: Geek out over the glass making process!
Glassblowing Demos at 6:15p, 7:30p, 8:45p.
Flameworking Demos at 6:00p, 7:30p, 8:45p.

Show us your creative side with our glass art experiences! $35 per project*
Glassblowing (Ages 10+): Sculpt glowing molten glass into a paperweight
Flameworking (Ages 10+): Melt glass rods through a torch to craft beautiful beads. Add them to a bracelet, keychain or necklace pendant!
Fused Glass: Cut and layer pieces of glass to create jewelry, wine charms, bug magnet, glass tile, or nightlight.
*Experiences are first come, first served. No advance registration available. See below for available options.

Grab a bite to eat from the Go Gyro Go food truck.

East Gallery presents a new artwork display by Sandra Griffin. More info below.

7:00p: The Ann Dueren Trio returns with some swingin’ tunes!

8:30p: The St. Louis Fire Technicians turn up the heat on the patio!

Doors open at 6:00p.
Admission is FREE for all ages
No RSVP required

Limited onsite parking is available. Guests arriving later at the event may have to park nearby on Delmar Blvd. 

ON DISPLAY: New artwork by Sandra Griffin

I believe an artist’s highest calling is to convey the messages that she/he finds most compelling. I look at our planet and fear that our path is leading us to a less-than-happy ending. Yet I still see the promise of the future in the eyes of children and in the unfolding of spring-green leaves and the songs of birds and insects.

My “Not War” series of prints depicts multiple alternatives to war –- because there are infinite alternatives and we are limited only by our imagination. Conflicting stories arise from our interactions with the natural world and with each other. We hear storylines such as: We are doomed! All things are possible! These ways are not sustainable! Everything is unfolding in perfection!

What to believe? Our imagination and intuition can help us find our way.

We have many challenges that must be confronted and addressed. I believe answers will come if enough of us ask the right questions. We can turn to the Earth or to its wild denizens with this question, “What is it that you ask of me?”

When I ask this of Mother Earth, her answer is, “Create. Share your art.” And who am I to argue with my Mother?