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Host Both Your Ceremony and Reception at Third Degree!

ceremonyHosting your ceremony & reception at the same venue isn’t unusual! In fact, it’s becoming more and more common. Hosting in one location is convenient; it’s less of a headache for the wedding party, family and guests alike — especially those from out of town.

Of course, this requires some coordination. Are the ceremony & reception in separate rooms? The same room? Where do guests go in between?

At Third Degree, we’ve got this down to a science. Most of our clients host both their ceremony and reception in our East Gallery. They start with the ceremony, with chairs lined up and facing the east wall, with our gorgeous original windows as the backdrop (see above).

After the ceremony ends, guests enter the Hotshop Gallery for a cocktail hour. Some clients even have a live demonstration for added entertainment during this time. Meanwhile, our staff “flips” the room from ceremony to reception in almost no time at all!

Curious how we do it? Our staff knocks out a room flip for 160 guests in just about 25 minutes in this awesome time-lapse video:

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