What's New Wednesday: Tumblers by Snazzy Glass - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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What’s New Wednesday: Tumblers by Snazzy Glass

Our What’s New Wednesday features this month highlight some of the best of our beer steins and other drinkware, as our artists are gearing up for Steinfest at Third Friday on March 18!¬†These amazing tumblers by Eve and LaVonne¬†of Snazzy Glass are perfect for beer, cocktails, and more. They even sell these to a local candle maker who fills them with soy candles!

Come pick up yours at Third Friday and receive two beers from Urban Chestnut! Or stop by anytime during our public hours to browse our gallery full of drinkware and other handmade glass artwork!

We’re open 10a to 5p Monday through Saturday.

Third Friday is March 15th!

Gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday, 10a-5p.
Third Friday