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Two Snazzy Ladies: Meet Eve & LaVonne of Snazzy Glass

snazzy glass tumblerIf you’ve ever been to our gallery, you’ve probably seen a variety of beautiful tumblers on display, like the one on the left. These beautiful and useful pieces of artwork are the product of Eve Cascella and LaVonne Deck, the dynamic duo that make up Snazzy Glass.

Both got their start at Third Degree back in 2010, and can be spotted once a week playing with new ideas and creating their signature “dimpled” tumblers.


How did you get started with glass?
E: LaVonne and I took private lessons from Mark Salisbury at Third Degree in October of 2010. My oldest son Nick was engaged, and I wanted to do something special for a wedding gift. So LaVonne and I took lessons with the intent of making Nick and Barrie a set of tumblers.
L: One day [Eve] called to ask me if I would take glass blowing lessons with her. I said yes because I want to learn new things and I thought it would be a great way to have an activity with a friend. We took lessons and I guess – when Mark decided that we weren’t going to kill ourselves or burn the building down – we were allowed to rent.

What captures your imagination now?
L: I think it’s wonderful to have an art object to drink or eat from as well as look at for beauty. Also, I find it extremely satisfying to make beautiful tumblers, drinking glasses or cups or whatever you choose to call them – that have swirls of color and can be part of the life of a house. I can pour liquid into them and see the colors compliment each other – or put a flower, pencil, toothbrush, candle, or whatever I want in them and just enjoy their presence.
E: Most of our pieces are colorful and show movement in the glass. Our patterns are random and abstract. We also love creating usable art. Our hope is to bring joy to people as they use an everyday item like a tumbler.

What do you like to create?
E: We just make tumblers – short and tall – in myriad colors and designs.  We are always creating something new. We love color and movement and abstract random patterns. Many of our designs are also inspired by nature; we have a “spring flower” series and also a “sunset over the water” series. l love the water, so many of our designs depict “water”.  We are currently working on a “tie dye” series in honor of my son, Vinnie, who passed away in February. He loved wearing tie dye.
L: Early on, we mutually decided what our roles would be. I thought Eve would be the best gaffer because she is creative and she is quick about it. I think I am creative – but I am less rapid in execution therefore I lend more to the assistant role. I have input to what we make and I help more than most assistants – so I feel as if I am a vital part in making our glass tumblers. I love being a part of the process because it is important to me that I keep learning new things. And I enjoy having an activity with a friend. I find our weekly sessions one of the happiest times in my week – and it is cheaper than therapy!

What’s Next?
L: We go to art fairs to sell the tumblers.   I love to talk to the people that come to the booth.  I am also grateful- and a little surprised – that there are others out there that appreciate a tumbler that is just a bit wacky or wonky.
E: We also have a friend who pours her fabulous soy candles into our tumblers and sells them. They are wonderful.

What do you like to do outside the studio?
E: I’m an avid rollerblader, I’m a pilot who loves to fly, I love to sing and am in a band. I love adventures. I love spending time with my grown kids and 2 sweet grand babies. And I love spending time with friends…..especially LaVonne!
L: Playing golf (I have a regulation glass putter I bought at an art fair), flying my airplane, playing with my dog, volunteering at a local hospital, going to art fairs and Opera Theater of St Louis. I love opera and all types of music including classical, country and popular artists.

What’s your favorite drink to cool off with after a day working with hot glass?
L: I love to pour Kinky Liqueur (a naughty fusion of vodka and several fruit juices) in one of our tumblers – sit on my screen porch and enjoy life.
E: Pepsi! Later on, Kinky.


Want to check out some Snazzy Glass tumblers? Come by our gallery and check them out! They make a wonderful Mother’s Day gift!

We’re open Monday-Saturday, 10:00a – 5:00p.

Visit us during our extended Mother’s Day Hours:
Thursday, May 7: 10:00a – 7:00p
Friday, May 8: 10:00a – 8:00p

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