Now on Display: "Into the Mind" by Mark Witzling - Third Degree Glass Factory
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Now on Display: “Into the Mind” by Mark Witzling

IMG_5818Every month, Third Degree welcomes a local artist to show their 2-D artwork in our East Gallery, as a part of our Third Friday open house. This month, we are featuring the cold wax & oil work of Mark Witzling, in a show titled “Into the Mind.”

The abstract impressionist paintings of Mark Witzling are truly multilayered. Each oil and cold wax painting is unique, treating the surface like an archaeological search, building up layers and then excavating back into the paint until the painting reveals its history. Using a range of tools, from pastry scrapers to old credit cards, Mark applies layered blends of malleable cold wax and oil paint to build his engaging surfaces. He brings forth a contrast of colors and textures to symbolize the complexity of our memories, recognizing that some memories thrust themselves forward while others fade into the background. While the subject matter is often an introspective, abstract trek into Mark’s mind, the end result encourages the audience to pause for a moment, to explore his use of composition, color and form and venture into their own subconscious perhaps to rediscover happiness from the past and hope for the future.

Come check out Mark’s work in our gallery, and bring one of his incredible pieces home with you!

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