NOW ON DISPLAY: “Iterations & Utterances” by Erin King - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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NOW ON DISPLAY: “Iterations & Utterances” by Erin King

For the month of December, Third Degree welcomes artist Erin King and her show Iterations and Utterances.

“This series of work is the result of meditations on community and spirituality.

“In the pen and ink works, the repeated drawn circles serve as a personal centering activity while meditating on the  interconnectedness and interdependence that accompanies the human experience. On their own, the circles function as individual focal points on the page, but they work together to build up intricate microcosms.
“Building on these meditations, I created the string and pulp sculptural hanging pieces to use the physical attributes of my materials to demonstrate the realities in between polarities: weakness and strength, shadow and light, and chaos and order.  In a society that emphasizes absolutes and either/or dichotomies, I create objects where these polarities exist simultaneously.”
About the artist:
“In my work, I emphasize the importance of reverence for establishing a collective consciousness. I use repetition in my work to convey this sense of reverence. Repetition occurs in many forms in my work: in mark-making, in building structures and textures, in deconstructing objects, in collecting materials, and through translation across media. In my current body of work, I am exploring the intersection of collective consciousness and convergence of media. In one extension of this project, I create work through translating sound data into photographs, music data into weavings, and photographs and weavings into music and sound files.”


Iterations & Utterances runs through Wednesday, January 17. We are open 10:00a-5:00p, Monday-Saturday, and 11:00a-4:00p Sunday.

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