Meet Mark Salsbury: Kiln Studio Director, Awards Guru, Artist - Third Degree Glass Factory
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Meet Mark Salsbury: Kiln Studio Director, Awards Guru, Artist

Glass is Salsbury’s passion. He manages the kiln studio, teaches classes, produces commissions and awards, and is a featured artist in the HotShop Gift Gallery. Because of his kiln-formed glass acumen, he has instructed at Corning Museum of Glass and Pittsburg Glass Center, been twice recognized in Corning’s New Glass Review – a list of 100 artists representing what new in glass, and most recently invited to sell his work at Urban Glass Gallery, Brooklyn.

  • What fired your glass journey?  I was a pottery major. Then I took a glass class. It was similar, yet different. I loved the immediacy of the glass process, the seductively hot material, and working with people. I’ve never looked back.
  • Why kiln-formed glass?  It’s like a magic trick: “I’m gonna take this glass, put it in a box (kiln) and let it sit there for 12 hours (various temps). Open the box and – presto – it’s transformed.”
  • What custom work do you do?  Sinks, replacement work for light fixtures, large wall pieces, and lots of awards. Awards are fun because you’re designing harmony in a small shape.
  • How many do you make in a week?  It could be one — or 100! Last week I made 50 awards.
  • Whew! How do you keep fresh?  Creativity is really observation. You can train your brain to notice things. For example, I started noticing vessel shapes everywhere when I started taking pottery classes. The vessel shapes were always there before; I just didn’t see them.
  • What is your personal work like?  Functional pieces so art can be enjoyed daily. Clean and minimal. A balance of pattern and quiet space.
  • And Urban Glass Gallery? How did that come about?  They emailed “… We love your kiln-formed glass pieces. We haven’t encountered work like yours. We don’t know if you’re currently represented in New York, but we’d like to open the conversation…” Of course I said yes! And I’ve sold every piece I’ve sent to them.
  • What still surprises you about working in glass?  That I get to do it for a living. 🙂
  • When not in the studio, what do you like to do?  Ride my bike, play disc golf, and make home brew.

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