Meet Doretha Washington: Instructor, Artist, Kiln Queen - Third Degree Glass Factory
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Meet Doretha Washington: Instructor, Artist, Kiln Queen

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If you’ve ever taken a Kilnworking class at Third Degree, or seen unique glass pieces on display at local galleries in St. Louis, chances are you’ve been in the presence of Doretha Washington. We’re featuring this resident instructor and kiln studio renter this month, and learning about her journey into the glass art world!

When was your first glass class?
I took a glass fusing course with Mark Salsbury in 2008.

What is was it about glass that captured your imagination back then?
I was introduced to art as a child by visits to the St. Louis Art Museum. My love and fascination of art began at that time.
At first, I took the glassblowing classes, but soon realized that it wasn’t for me. But then I took the glass fusing class with Mark and it changed everything for me.

When did you start incorporating other glass techniques in your work? How did this come about?
Once I became comfortable with basic glass fusing techniques, I began to create using more challenging techniques. As a result my body of work shows a progression and variety of techniques. 

What do you like to create? What series are you working on now?
Currently, I am interested in creating  both hanging wall panels and frit images, which is also called painting with glass frit.

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What do you teach at Third Degree? What do you enjoy most about teaching?

I am enjoying serving as an instructor for Washington University students.  Many are art majors and bring very creative ideas to class. It is great to assist them with  incorporating those ideas into the class projects.

Two of Doretha’s pieces are currently on display at 10th Street Gallery as a part of their Shades of Victory and Triumph show, on display until Saturday, February 28. Stop by to take a look, or come see her other fused glass pieces in our gallery!

We’re open Monday-Saturday, 10:00a-5:00p.
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