What's New Wednesday: Whimsical Vases by Mike Moran - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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What’s New Wednesday: Whimsical Vases by Mike Moran



For What’s New Wednesday we’re going big and beautiful with these gorgeous new vases by Mike Moran!

Pictured is just one of the three currently on display in our gallery. These pieces stand at about two feet tall, and are almost mesmerizing with their layers of hypnotic swirls. Don’t let the perspective fool you! We had to take the photo from above to catch the perfect angle to showcase its many layers! Such a unique style is indicative of Mike’s dedication to precision, not to mention many years of experience as a glassblower at Third Degree.

Come see all three of Mike’s new whimsical vases in our gallery! We’re open 10a to 5p Monday through Saturday!

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