What's New Wednesday: Vase by Elin Asvaldsdottir - Third Degree Glass Factory
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What’s New Wednesday: Vase by Elin Asvaldsdottir

This week for What’s New Wednesday, it isn’t only the featured piece that’s new. The artist is, too! ⠀

This beautiful vase by Elin Asvaldsdottir is one of her first pieces for sale in our gallery! Elin practiced glassblowing for almost 7 years at Washington University and SIUE before taking a nearly 15 year hiatus. She got a refresher from one of our Path to Independence classes, and is now back to actively creating and selling her work at our facility. We love this beautiful striped vase with a bold red lip! $75

We are welcoming new renters every day. Come show off your expertise in our studios this summer, or get your start as a glass artist in our upcoming Path to Independence classes! Want to just stop by and see what Third Degree is all about? We’re open to the public 10:00a to 5:00p, Monday-Saturday and 11:00a to 4:00p on Sundays.

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