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What’s New Wednesday: Tree Vase by Jes Kopitske

The trees may be bare this time of year, but they don’t lack inspiration for Jes Kopitske! This What’s New Wednesday featured item is a gorgeous new vase by Jes, featuring multiple layers of blown and sandblasted glass. You won’t find anything else like it! $255

DSC_0217Jes created these pieces through a repetitive process of blowing out a vase, sandblasting, then gradually reintroducing it to the heat of the glassblowing furnace to improve its shape.

After the first blow, the vase consisted of two layers of color: clear and grey. Jes translated images of trees onto vinyl (left) from her sketchbook. She adheres the vinyl inside her vessel and places it in the sandblaster, which chips away at the inner grey layer, exposing the entire outer clear layer except for where the vinyl had been placed. This is how the image of the tree became visible

Very slowly introducing her piece back to the heat of the glassblowing furnace, Jes adds a layer of transparent pink glass to the outside. After it cools, she follows the same sandblasting technique, except blasting the exterior of the vessel, leaving only the spots where the vinyl had been placed. You can actually feel the different layers!

Stop by our gallery to see other intricately sandblasted pieces on Jes’ pedestal!

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Check out this video of Jes working in our studio today, making a similarly inspired piece. This video shows the third reheating after two different rounds through the sandblaster:

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