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What’s New Wednesday: “Sidewalks of Prague” Vase

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Last week, our artists Sandy Krebeck and Jon Biscan (with the assistance of Mike Moran) collaborated on this beautiful new vase! Sandy had been making her “Sidewalks of Prague” fused glass pieces for some time, and upon seeing them glassblower Jon decided they would make beautiful blown glass vessels as well! Sandy gave us some great insight into the inspiration and process behind the piece:


Where did the inspiration come from for the original “Sidewalks of Prague” piece? When did you visit?

I visited Prague in October 2014 while our son was studying in Germany.  I am also a quilter and was in awe of the sidewalks all around Prague! A lot are quilt patterns I was familiar with made out of 2×2 light and medium square stones.  About every 50 feet the pattern changed.  I wanted to remember them and thought they would make cool plates, instead of making the patterns into a quilt.

Whose idea was it to do the roll-up? How did this come about?

Jon saw the plates in the kiln area and he liked them and thought they would be cool to create more than a flat form with! He approached me to collaborate and I was in, really having no idea how this was even going to work!  

As a kiln glass artist, how did you feel about working in the hotshop? What were your biggest concerns during the process?

I asked a lot of questions when I was making these plates.  He needed some added clear glass in areas, and black lines at some edges but not all. I took it step by step to try and create a piece that he could work with.  Doing this first piece, we already learned what to change for the second one.  We have two we are doing!

Now that you have created a piece across studios, would you consider doing something similar again? Maybe by yourself?

My eyes are wide open now, thinking of what I like that could be turned into vessel form!!  BUT- I would need the help of the hotshop guys.  Their abilities are amazing, and there is no way I could be able to do this by myself unless I practice glass blowing for a couple years!  And then I would still need an assistant!

Any other thoughts you’d like to share?

I want to thank Jon for even considering this with me.    It has been an experience I am grateful for and I hope there are more of these collaborations to come!

Jon & Sandy’s piece is not for sale in our gallery. Sometimes our artists have to experiment a bit before making sellable work!

You can view more interesting roll-up pieces from Jon, as well as Sandy’s fantastic kiln-formed pieces, on display in our gallery!
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