Welcome Liz Fleming, Our New Gallery Associate - Third Degree Glass Factory
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Welcome Liz Fleming, Our New Gallery Associate

If you have visited Third Degree in the past few months, you may have noticed a new face behind the front desk! Meet the newest addition to the Third Degree family, Liz Fleming, our new Gallery Associate! We were able to ask her a few questions so you could get to know her a little better. Next time you visit, make sure to say hello!
Where are you originally from?
I was born in Memphis, TN. While I grew up predominately in Saint Louis, I spent my years split between here, Nashville, and Memphis and I think that has contributed largely to who I am today.
What did you do before working at Third Degree?
After I left Saint Louis University, I spent quite a few years in retail management.
How did you hear about Third Degree and what made you want to apply?
Before beginning to work here, I had already attended a number of Third Friday events and always really enjoyed the fun atmosphere.  When I heard from one of the artists that they might possibly need help in the gallery, I jumped at the opportunity.  It’s the perfect marriage of utilizing the management and customer service skills that I’ve acquired over the years with my pervasive creative side.
What is your favorite part about your job so far?
I love being a part of something that is unique and unmatched in Saint Louis, as well as feeling the passion that both directors and artists alike feel to make this business successful and share the artistry that means so much to them.
Are you, or are you planning to, take any classes offered at Third Degree?
I’ve already completed [the Path to Independence] Level One in both the Hotshop and the Kiln studio.  I plan to continue until I’ve completed all levels in all studios so that I can really begin to learn the art of glass and what that medium has to offer.
Why do those specific classes interest you the most?
From what I’ve learned so far – Both classes fascinate and intrigue me.  I love the freedom that glassblowing allows, but crave the control that the kiln studio provides.
One of our core values is “Passion”, what does passion mean to you?
It means living for what makes you passionate.  And the general attitude that you can’t wait to spread the knowledge that you possess so as to develop that passion and talent in others.
What are some of your other interests and/or hobbies?
I like to explore and have adventures – hiking, camping, traveling, etc. I also like to watch films, read, sketch, and paint.
Come say hi to Liz and welcome her to our community! We’re open 10:00a to 5:00p Monday-Saturday and 11:00a-4:00p Sunday.

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