Welcome Dan Alexander, Third Degree's New Hotshop Director - Third Degree Glass Factory
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Welcome Dan Alexander, Third Degree’s New Hotshop Director

dan alexanderWelcome, Dan!

Third Degree is excited to announce the arrival of Dan Alexander, our new Hotshop director!

Dan first became interested in glass after watching a glassblowing demonstration in a small studio in Ohio. He found that glass was an intriguing material that he had to experience first-hand. This inspired Dan to take his first class with George Kennard at The Corning Museum of Glass Studio. Immediately he was hooked. He found the fluid nature of the material, intense heat, and concentration required to make glass to be extremely alluring. After that Introduction to Glassmaking course Dan knew this was a craft he wanted to master.

Dan continued to enhance his interest in glass by attending Kent State University where he received a BFA with a concentration in Glass Art. While attending Kent State University Dan was hired at a studio called Hale Farm and Village where he became a head gaffer making high production glass pieces in a traditional factory setting. Shortly after he graduated, he quickly emerged into the glass art scene. After finishing a 2-week interview/audition process he was hired in a new program that was started at The Corning Museum of Glass as a demonstrating artist with their traveling Hot Glass Show on Celebrity Cruise ships. On the ship Dan scheduled and managed a glassblowing team and preforms demonstrations while cruising through ports all over the world. He has demonstrated in Norway,Portugal, Spain, France, England, Italy, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Germany, Estonia, Belgium, Greece, Turkey, Croatia, Malta, Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Figi Islands, Virgin Islands, Honduras, Mexico, and many Caribbean ports of call. When Dan wasn’t traveling or creating his own work, he spent his time collaborating and working with many internationally known artists and designers, helping them create high-end glass products, sculptures and installation art.dan alexander glass

Dan always concentrates on pushing the possibilities and boundaries of the glassblowing process by making extremely large-scale vessels, objects with intricate and fine details, and using an array of unique color applications. His work is not limited to one technique or style but varies from blown/solid glass sculptures, modern stemware, to numerous forms/techniques inspired by historical artifacts. You can find his art in museums, galleries, and many private collections across the globe.

Third Degree is looking forward to new opportunities with Dan leading the hotshop! Come by sometime to meet Dan and welcome him to St. Louis!

We’re open 10:00a – 5:00p, Monday through Saturday.



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