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Tips to Unlock Beauty of Glass

Duane Reed. Art lover, art collector, gallery owner. Glass cred to the max, Reed reveals how to make glass a brilliant part of your life.

What is it about glass?  The amazing thing is its ability to change depending on the light.  It’s like it’s alive.

What was the first piece of glass art you bought?  I was just out of college. Money was an issue so I hit rummage sales, flea markets, and antique shops. I found some glass swans –Sooner Glass. So a collector was born and I accumulated several hundred of them. Most are still boxed.

How long has Duane Reed Gallery been a St. Louis institution?  We celebrate 20 years next year.

What are the three things you tell someone who’s buying glass art?  1) Get to know the gallery or artist so you can understand the magic of the work; 2) Research the field regarding the technical aspects and value; 3) Above all, only buy what makes you happy.

What is the best way to unlock its beauty?  Glass is seduced by light. If the glass art is a blown translucent piece, it will typically explode with color and energy when hit directly from above with light.  But some pieces react better when the light comes from the side or front.  But sanded or acid etched glass surfaces may look stone-like when hit by a direct light. They usually need lighting from behind or indirectly such as a window to show off brilliance.

What is the best place for glass art in the home?  Any place you can view it and enjoy it.

Duane Reed Gallery is located at 4729 McPherson Ave in the Central West End.


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