The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide - Third Degree Glass Factory
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The 2018 Holiday Gift Guide

At Third Degree we believe in amazing celebrations, and amazing gifts to go with them! Check out our 2018 Gift Guide with a wide selection of handmade gifts from the independent artists in our studios!

Make the Mostest of Hostess Gifts

Don’t show up to your celebrations and gatherings empty-handed! Thank your hosts with these unique gifts!

Candle Holders by Dan Alexander, black – $225, pink – $150, blue – $200

Platters by Mark Salsbury, black & white – $235, blue & red – $190

Pitchers by Rick Brazzale, blue – $100, red – $85

Fused Glass artwork by Bruce Lowry, large platter – $195, coasters – $30 each

“Holey” Perfume Bottle by Jeremy Lampe, $150


Not Just Another Day at the Office Gifts

For the hardworking desk jockey in your life! A little handmade flair at their desk makes all the difference throughout the year.

Business Card Holders by Addison Hanna, $30 each

Pens and Letter Openers by Nadine Goldstein, $30 per pen; $28 per letter opener

Paperweights of all shapes, sizes and colors! $15 – $60 each.

Glass & Metal Sculptures/Jewelry holders by Typewriter Tim, red – $140, black – $250, green – $125.

Bookmarks by Eileen Wade, $15 – $25


You’ve Got Style, You’ve Got Glass

We have an unbelievable selection of beautiful jewelry for everyone!

“Party” Necklace by Rita Hamilton, $200

Spiral pendant earrings by Maximillian Tsimerman, $20 per pair

Pendants by DeiRdre Schaneman, $140-$180

Fused Dichroic Glass Cufflinks by Mike Wyatt, $40 per pair

Dragon Pendants by Laura Simone, $125


Raise Your Glass to a Spirited Holiday

You can never go wrong with handmade drinkware & barware. Pair these gifts with your favorite bottle of booze!

Wine Bottle Stoppers by Bruce Lowry, Nadine Goldstein, & Lendy Middendorf, $25 – $56 each

Vodka Glasses by Mike Wyatt, $20 each

Champagne Flutes by Will Hayes, $70 each

Tumblers by Snazzy Glass, $20 each

Shot Glasses  by Lendy Middendorf, $25 – $30 each

St Louis Skyline and Forest Glasses by Jes Kopistke, $40 – $55 each


Oh No! I Forgot (you fill in the blank) Gifts

We have lots of small last minute gifts that don’t look last minute! We promise not to tell.

Marbles by Maximillian Tsimerman, Alex Ennis, & more, $15 – $30 each

Greeting Cards with fused glass tokens by Sandy Krebeck, $8 each

Ring & Trinket Dishes by Mark Salsbury, clouds – $30; brick & wood – $20

Flowers by Dan Alexander and Rick Brazzale, $20 – $25 each

Studio Ornaments, $25 each. Also check out our featured Signature Ornaments in our online store!

Gift Cards! These can be used for anything: artwork in the gallery, hands-on Experiences and classes, or even drinks from the cash bar at a Third Friday open house!



Come find these gifts and much more in our gallery 7 days a week!
We’re open Monday through Saturday 10:00a to 5:00p and Sunday 11:00a to 4:00p.

Or come to shop and stay for the party at our Third Friday open house on December 21st, 6:00p to 10:00p. Admission is FREE and open to all ages!

Mark Your Calendar!

Third Friday July 19 is a district-wide block party with Makers Market, live music, & more from MADE, Craft Alliance, TDG, & Magic House.
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