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It’s A Sign ‘Third Degree’

“We had never heard glass terms such as ‘frit’ or ‘annealing’ so signing at our first Third Friday in May was challenging, but we got through it,” laughed Brittnee Hackworth, graduating student interpreter. “Not only did we have a blast, but some of my classmates are planning date night for next month’s event.”

July was their last month to sign at Third Friday glassblowing demonstrations. Deaf Communication students Brittnee Hackworth, Amber Brown, Sarah Tuhy, Katie Marbarger, Annie Franklin and Christel Heidorn generously donated their time and talent to sign and interpret Third Friday demos, bringing the joy of glassblowing to hearing-impaired audience members. More about SLCC-FloValley’s program in Deaf Communication Studies.

signing 600

Image: L to R: Christel Heidorn, Brittnee Hackworth, Annie Franklin

Next Third Friday is April 21st.

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