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Seed Sprout Spoon Breakfast Platters, Hot Breakfast Buffets & More!

Perfect for company meetings, corporate presentations and much more! These packages are great for groups with 30 or more guests Mondays-Fridays. These packages are not available on Saturdays or Sundays.  Start with a reduced rental rate of $150/hour (day) or $250/hour (Monday-Thursday night) and $300/hour (Friday night) to rent one (1) gallery, then choose your catered package! Want to bring in your own catering– no problem. We’ll prepare a straight rental (without catering) proposal to fit your event.


  • Event manager
  • Tables (6o inch, 8ft, 6ft, tall and short cocktail)
  • Black padded chairs
  • Up to 15 black linens & glass centerpieces
  • In-house sound/music
  • Microphone
  • Complimentary parking
  • Option to rent in-house AV equipment including a projector, 6X8 screen, speaker + mixer and podium
  • All events catered through Third Degree will include a 21% service fee

All packages are delivered from Seed Sprout Spoon and are arranged through Third Degree. All server-ware and paper products will be provided. Orders must be placed at least one week in advance; changes and additions may be made up to 48 hours before your event. Pricing does not include sales tax or service fees (21%).

Seed Sprout Spoon offers the finest pastured meats from Missouri & Illinois; the best artisanal St. Louis food products; along with sustainably-raised cheeses, grains, & winter produce from the bi-state area.

BREAKFAST PLATTERS – (^) This item is or can be made gluten-free.| (*) This item is or can be made vegan

BAGELS+SPREADS^* $33 – serves 12-18 one dozen assorted Companion Bakeshop bagels served with cream cheese, a flavored cream cheese, & local preserves add croissants @$3.30 each

PETITE QUICHE^ $5.75 each – min. order of 6 per type. Individually baked with seasonal ingredients, local eggs, and farm cheese; choose from: vegetarian, Patchwork bacon, or Geisert ham

SMOKED WHITEFISH^ small $64 – serves 10-15 large $101 – serves 25-30 house-smoked Missouri farm-raised trout and tilapia prepared with herbs and creme fraiche; served with bagels, crostini, capers, cream cheese, tomato slices, and lemon

WHOLE QUICHE $31 each – serves 6 $5.50 – add bacon, ham, or chorizo 9″ quiche baked with seasonal ingredients, local eggs, and farm cheese; custom flavors available

BERRY PARFAITS $4.95 – 12 oz | $3 mini – 9 oz min. order of 8 individual cups of Windcrest yogurt layered with housemade granola, local preserves, and fresh berries

FRESH PASTRIES $3.95 each – min. order of 8 made in house or by Companion Bakeshop blueberry muffin morning spice muffin cranberry pecan scone cheddar herb scone plain croissant with local preserves chocolate croissant cinnamon roll ($1.25 upcharge)

SEASONAL FRUIT^* small – $38.50 – serves 10-15 medium – $55 – serves 18 – 22 large – $82.50 – serves 30 – 35 freshly cut and beautifully presented; includes local produce as available


SUNRISE BUFFET $12/guest – 8 guest min. choose one entree & one side includes seasonal fruit platter

HARVEST BREAKFAST $14/guest – 12 guest min. choose one entree & two sides includes seasonal fruit platter

LOCAL BRUNCH $16/guest – 20 guest min. choose two entrees & two sides includes seasonal fruit platter

^ this item is or can be made GLUTEN FREE
* this item is or can be made VEGAN

Cheddar herb biscuits with Geisert sausage gravy
Cheddar herb biscuits with vegetarian Match gravy
Seasonal quiche(veg, bacon, ham)
Savory strata (egg & bread casserole)
Farm fresh egg scramble with goat cheese or cheddar^
Breakfast burritos (veg, bacon, chorizo, or vegan)*
Brioche french toast
McKaskle grits with sausage and stewed tomatoes^

^ this item is or can be made GLUTEN FREE
* this item is or can be made VEGAN

Patchwork Farmsbacon^
Geisert sausage links^
Buttonwood Farms turkey sausage^
Vegan sausage*
Roasted potato hash*^
Curried potatoes*^
Cheesy Braggadocio grits^
Seasonal breakfast salad*^
Housemade granola with yogurt
Braised greens*^

Beverage Packages

Third Degree provides in-house beverage service for all events at our facility.  With several packages to choose from and customizable options, we have the flexibility to keep it simple or go all out. Pricing range from $5 to $30. Click here for more information:  Beverage Packages.


Super Fun Extras

From a projector and 6X8 screen, to specialty linens, to mason jar glasses for the bar. Third Degree can help you create an event design. Below are just a couple of items that are great options for any rehearsal dinner. Click here for more info.



Molten glass captivates audiences of all ages. Our artists will wow you while revealing the ancient processes of glassblowing; forming 2000°F glass into art. Demonstrations last 45-60 minutes and end at the scheduled time.  Glassblowing Demonstration or Flameworking Demonstrations: $300/hour



Make your own glass tile, jewelry pendant/earring set, paperweight, or glass beads. All projects will be ready for pick up within 36-48 hours of completion. Availability may be limited due to group size or time constraints.

Let one of our Glass Docents give you a Tour of our glass studios. Your guide will walk you through the steps of glassmaking as local artists make their own work.  Prices range from $15 to $50 per person.


(314) 367-4527 events@stlglass.com