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Out of the Sandbox

For Jessica Kopitske art time is truly her playtime. Her new series of glass art opens at Third Degree on Friday – yes tomorrow! – and is inspired by toys, which she says she sees a lot of nowadays because of her small boys. But here these toys are her playthings, not theirs.

A noodle necklace, alphabet blocks, stackers. 8 Ball, and more.  From simple reproductions to intricate re-interpretations of the classics. All glass. Playful, but fragile. Some of her glass works are meant to honor childhood fascination with certain toys such as her son’s fascination with trains. Others are symbolic such as a paddle ball symbolizing the thought process. And take note of surface treatments. Her current obsession is surface decoration using a sandblaster with vinyl resists to add imagery on her glass.

Kopitske invites you to play with some – but not all – of her toys. Look for selected pieces which are meant to be touched, picked-up, and looked at in order for the imagery to be revealed. But other works are “don’t touch” because they are too fragile.

Kopitske began blowing glass at Alfred University, NY in 1996. She was instantly hooked. Her art also extends into ceramics and fiber, which she sometimes combines  with her glass pieces. She’s been part of the Third Degree family of artists almost since the doors opened. She exhibits regionally.

Out of the Sandbox opens August 16 at Third Friday and will be on view through September 17. The concurrent exhibit is Scenes Through The Mist, photographs by Beth Goyer. Gallery hours: 10a – 5p, Monday through Saturday.

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