Oct. 17: Fires Up Birthday Blowout Bash - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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Oct. 17: Fires Up Birthday Blowout Bash

Every October we turn up the heat, pull out the stops, and get our (par-tay) game on. The countdown begins…

Join us for a Blowout Bash of ginormous proportions. Cheer the Pumpkin Death Match. See what pops in a made-on-the-spot hot glass bowl. Be entertained with “Thriller” fire spinning. Be amazed at the Great Pumpkin Blow. Anything could happen…

*Doors locked from 4-6p on Third Friday to prep. We reopen at 6p to Bash!*

What happens when?

  • 6p. The fiery fun begins…See glassblowing demos. Sign-up for hands-on activities ($25-$35). Gallery presents Alternate Views: Ann Aurbach. Chef Heidi dishes deelish ($2-$8). For menu and MORE.
  • 7:15p Glassblowers from Third Degree and Astral Glass Studio square off and compete at the Glass Pumpkin Death Match. Audience cheers decide which glass pumpkin lives — and which gets tanked.
  • 8p For a popping good time, see popcorn meet a Hot Blown Bowl. And in the gallery, The Wise Brothers tune up hot and wicked R&B.
  • 8:15p Fire Techs “Thriller” you with heat-defying acts on the outside lawn.
  • 9p The Fabulous Finale. How many glassblowers does it take to blow a giant pumpkin? A team! Watch as seasoned pros handle large amounts of glowing molten glass. The Giant Pumpkin made live will be raffled. And you could win it. Free.

Thriller Zombie-600This Blowout Bash is part of American Craft Week, a national event to raise awareness and celebrate American fine craft.

Save the Date: Third Friday, November 21. Signature ornaments revealed! Free photo booth in VW bus. And more…



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