Now on Display: "Painting Music" by Vesna Delevska - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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Now on Display: “Painting Music” by Vesna Delevska

We at Third Degree love glass (of course), but we also love to support artists in other media! Every month at Third Friday we showcase a new 2-D artist’s work in our East Gallery. This month we are featuring “Painting Music” by Vesna Delevska.

May - Vesna Painting

Artist’s statement:
“The art I create is focused on the process of being absolutely open and raw to create a painting directly influenced by the live music played. Without any predetermined “subject” I start each painting the moment the music starts, and end it at the time that the music stops.  I let the sound, the rhythm, and the atmosphere guide the movement of each brushstroke, the colors, and the feel of each piece. It is a process that guides me into discovering the depths of my soul.”
Come see Vesna’s stunning work in our gallery, on display until Wednesday, June 17!
We’re open to the public Monday-Saturday, 10:00a-5:00p.

Third Friday is March 15th!

Gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday, 10a-5p.
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