NOW ON DISPLAY: "Interlocking Divide" by Rebecca Eilering - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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NOW ON DISPLAY: “Interlocking Divide” by Rebecca Eilering

Every month, as a part of our Third Friday open house, Third Degree welcomes a new local artist or art group to showcase their artwork in our East Gallery. This month we welcome the incredible work of Rebecca Eilering, in a show titled “Interlocking Divide.”

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Rebecca’s work features mashups of the various architectural details found around St. Louis, portrayed through graphite and charcoal. This body of work stems from her initial desire to explore as many neighborhoods in St. Louis City as possible.  She says, “While I have lived in the St. louis area all my life, I had always just been to certain neighborhoods and didn’t really go outside of the areas I know. I have always been fascinated by the brick architecture of St. Louis. I love the many beautiful unique buildings and homes throughout the city but also have a love of the ones that are neglected and abandoned, which, to me, still retain a sense strength and beauty in absence of love.”

This showcase really resonates with the staff and artists at Third Degree. In addition to the many staff and artists who live in the City of St. Louis, Third Degree itself is a renovated 1930’s Pontiac Dealership, which we are still renovating today.

One piece has already sold! Come check out Rebecca’s work, on display until Wednesday, July 13. We’re open 10:00a-5:00p, Monday-Saturday.

Also check out pictures of Rebecca’s bike adventures through St. Louis on her website.

Third Friday is March 15th!

Gallery is open Tuesday - Saturday, 10a-5p.
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