Now on Display: “Beloved Objects” by Jeffrey Sass - Third Degree Glass Factory
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Now on Display: “Beloved Objects” by Jeffrey Sass

Every month, Third Degree proudly presents the work of a St. Louis area 2-D artist. This month, we are featuring “Beloved Objects,” a collection of manipulated photographs by Jeffrey Sass.

Jeff Sass Wall

“Beloved Objects” focuses on objects of exceptional design that because of technological advances are in danger of being forgotten. This show is also about the art of traditional and historic photographic techniques. Sass is a lifelong photographer who uses vintage and handmade cameras to create work that seeks to re-contextualize both the objects and the practices of darkroom photography for a contemporary audience. Unlike modern work each of Jeff’s images are hand made, one-of-a-kind pieces made using vintage film and papers decades past their shelf life. The unpredictable nature of these materials result in striking images and endless possibilities for exploration.

??????????“Darkroom alchemy is what excites me, makes me want to push what is considered a photographic image.” Using combinations of silver and non-silver printing, alternative chemistry, acrylic paint and other media Sass is pushing out the boundaries of what is today considered an archaic medium. Beloved Objects is a show that hopes to call attention to the possibilities that lie not only in the objects, but within the historic techniques of traditional film photography.

Jeffrey Sass is an award winning teacher working in the Rockwood school district. His passion for the traditions and possibilities of film photography have introduced hundred of his students to what is possible using simple cameras. Many have gone on to study photography in its many forms in high school and at Universities.

Jeffrey’s show will be on display in the East Gallery until September 15! Come take a look at this amazing work. We’re open Monday – Saturday, 10:00a – 5:00p.


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