Now Enrolling: Stringer Drape Experience - Third Degree Glass Factory
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Now Enrolling: Stringer Drape Experience

stringer drape bowlEvery home needs some art to bring it to life. Why not let it be art you made yourself?

Back by popular demand, we are nowย enrollingย for the Stringer Drape Experience, where you get to make your own stunning drape bowl!

1500 x 955 stringer fues


With the guidance of Third Degree’s resident artist instructors, you will use stringer — long, thin strands of glass — and arrange them in a grid- or plaid-like arrangement. You get to pick the colors!

The stringer is then heated and fused together in the kiln to create a square tile.


1500 x 876 Stringer before drape

The newly fused tiles are then placed on ย metal molds and re-fired in the kiln. During the firing process, the glass becomes flexible and “drapes” around the mold.




1500 x 1500 Stringer draping 2

The finished product is a gorgeous draped bowl or basket that will brighten any home with an amazing POP of color!




Welcome spring with a refreshing new work of art!
Join us on Saturday, March 28! Sessions run 10a-1p and 2p-5p.

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