NOW ON DISPLAY: "But Seriously..." by ArtFiber St. Louis - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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NOW ON DISPLAY: “But Seriously…” by ArtFiber St. Louis

Every month, as a part of our Third Friday open house, Third Degree welcomes a local artist or art group to showcase their work for a month in our East Gallery. Every other year, we are excited to collaborate with the awesome ladies of ArtFiber St. Louis, to showcase new bodies of work. This year, four of their members have put together works for a new showcase, “But Seriously…”

ArtFiber Saint Louis’ exhibition explores concerns of modern society from ecology and politics to individual response to distress.  The flip side to strife and uncertainty, hope and joy, can provide a counterpoint – robins continue to hatch and fledge on a windowsill in Ferguson, MO, and babies and youngsters grow within families that treasure their being.  But Seriously. . . is an exhibition of art quilts and stitched constructions.  Fiber works feature a wide variety of surface design and construction techniques.   A strength for ArtFiber Saint Louis is the diversity of styles of the exhibiting artists.


About ArtFiber St. Louis:

ArtFiber Saint Louis grew out of the need for a supportive, collaborative organization for a group of art quilt and fiber artists in the St. Louis area.  Activities focus on sharing individual expertise and experience, discussing trends and techniques, and exhibiting work.  ArtFiber Saint Louis has exhibited frequently in the St. Louis area and has shown work in Illinois, Colorado, and New York.  Works featured in But Seriously… are by Drew Donnelly Benage, Laura Saunders Kaiser, Deb Lewis, and Pat Owoc.

But Seriously… will be on display until Wednesday, July 19. Come visit our gallery and see their work on display! We’re open Monday-Saturday10:00a to 5:00p, and Sundays, 11:00a to 4:00p.

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