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Your New Year’s Resolution

Want to learn a new craft or skill for 2015? Look no further! We have a selection of HOT glass classes to ring in the new year!

Try our 8-Week Intro to Glassblowing Class, starting Tuesday, January 6, or Friday, January 9:

  • This class meets in three-hour sessions, once a week for 8 weeks.
  • Through regular practice, students will develop muscle memory in each new technique and build a strong foundation for eventually working independently.
  • You’ll move beyond the basics of what you’d learn in the Glassblowing Intensive (gathering and creating a cylinder form) toward making more complex forms.

Too much at once? You might like our Intensive Classes on Saturday, January 10:

  • This one-day class acts as an introduction into one of our our glass studios: Kilnworking, Flameworking, or Glassblowing. Your pick!
  • Students taking the Glassblowing Intensive often use the class as a preview of the 8 Week Intro to see if the hotshop is a good fit for them. Students in the Flameworking and Kilnworking Intensives are often people who have tried shorter classes in each area, and want a little boost to feel ready to come back and rent on their own.

Can’t pick? The Sampler is right for you!

  • Sample all aspects of glass art! This class runs the gamut with students getting creative in all three of our studios. In this 4 hour class, students will complete a paperweight, beads, and fused panel. Perfect for someone brand new to glass art.


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Ready to start something new? Register online at or call 314.367.4527.


Calling all glass artists nationwide! Submit your work by July 1 to be considered for a 2025 Third Degree Glass exhibition.
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