New Glass Art Experience: Fused Glass Wine Charms! - Third Degree Glass Factory
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New Glass Art Experience: Fused Glass Wine Charms!

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Everyone loves our glass art experiences at Third Friday! And while fused glass night lights and jewelry are certainly fun to make, we wanted to change things up a bit! Starting this Third Friday, “Fall Harvest” on September 16, you can now make your own set of four fused glass wine charms!

You will work with our fused glass artists to create dazzling wine glass charms using colorful dichroic glass pieces. Our artists will then load your creations into the kiln, where they will be fused to perfection in our kilns, and ready to pick up in a week! Whether you make a matching set, or make each charm its own unique creation, your guests will love these decorative additions to your wine glasses.

Want to make them at Third Friday? Sign up at the Experiences table! Like our other experiences, it’s only $35 per person.
Want to have an activity at your cocktail party in our gallery? Or want to schedule a private group experience to make wine charms in our studio? It’s just $50 per person for a minimum of 4 guests.

Charmed by our new offering? Give us a call for more info: 314.367.4527. Or you can contact us via email:

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