Meet Aaron Quigley: Resident Artist, Instructor - Third Degree Glass Factory
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Meet Aaron Quigley: Resident Artist, Instructor

Every day, guests may enter the Hotshop and see our glassblowers hard at work. Most of the time, they’ll probably notice Aaron Quigley expertly crafting wall plates, studio ornaments and his unique pieces. Aaron is a long-time glassblower who got his start back when Third Degree was still in its infancy.

Meet Aaron Quigley: Resident Artist, Instructor

When was your first glass class?
The first time I touched molten glass was in 2003. It was love at first paperweight. I took the second class that Third Degree ever offered, a 12 week beginning glassblowing class.

What is was it about glass that captured your imagination back then?
Molten glass fully occupies my attention, which is not an easy thing to do. Working with glass is a never ending learning experience. No matter how long you do it or how much you know something new can always be learned.

When did you start incorporating other glass techniques in your work? How did this come about?
2006 is when I started incorporating flameworking techniques into my furnace working. I have also combined kilnwork and furnace work by making something with the kiln and using it in the hotshop and vice versa.

What do you like to create?
I like to make glass in the hotshop. My favorite things to make are what I call visually addictive pieces. These are things that grab your attention right away and hold it. You may walk around to look at other things but are always drawn back to my work.

Aaron Quigley glass artist

Aaron typically teaches experience classes and weekend intensives! Check out our selection of classes, or stop by anytime to see Aaron’s beautiful variety of work in our gallery!


Calling all glass artists nationwide! Submit your work by July 1 to be considered for a 2025 Third Degree Glass exhibition.
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