Join the Team! Third Degree is now seeking a Retail Gallery Assistant! - Third Degree Glass Factory
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Join the Team! Third Degree is now seeking a Retail Gallery Assistant!

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Do you like meeting new people and solving problems? Do your friends and family think you are too organized?

Third Degree Glass Factory is looking for a part-time Retail Gallery Assistant who will get their hands dirty and work hard. Climb ladders and clean. Polish and shine. A self-starter who finds grace in the minutia, beauty in the details. Someone dynamic, open to new ideas and tasks from others and unhesitant to share their own. Someone who isn’t afraid to take ownership of their position and go home everyday feeling proud about where they work.

As our gallery assistant, you must be able to charm and delight the occasional customer who “knows” more about your job than you do, a nervous bride or two, packs of small children on school field trips, the husband desperate for someone to fix the broken treasure before his wife notices, and more.
There are no cubicles here. You’ll work in a sometimes chilly, renovated warehouse with concrete floors among beautiful artwork alongside the visionaries who craft and support it. No experience in glass art necessary, but an eager willingness to learn -about the art form and about our business- is a must.

About us:
Glass is Amazing. We love it. We’ve built our lives around it. And we want to share our passion with everyone who walks through the door. Third Degree is a special place and we are searching for a person who will thrive in this position and help us grow. We are open to the public and the atmosphere is highly customer-service oriented.

All of our decisions and actions are driven by our 3 Core Values:
1. Passion- We do what we love. We love what we do.
2. Authentic Connections- Our relationships, both internal and external are paramount to our success.
3. Continuous Improvement- We are a team of dedicated problem solvers on the look-out for anything and everything we can improve upon within our operation.

In this position, your essential functions would be:
Represent our business in a professional manner consistent with our core values.
Provide AMAZING customer service – manage phone, web, and in-person inquiries.
Accurately process sales and payments.
Maintain cleanliness.
Assist students, staff and artists with any, and all, day to day operations.
Work posted hours.

The ideal addition to our team will be:
A good judge of when multitasking is appropriate and when focus is necessary.
Proficient in Google Apps, Quickbooks, Adobe CS and use of social media.
Experienced in retail or another customer service driven industry.
Experienced in making sales/cash-handling.
Able to complete physical tasks (standing, lifting, climbing ladders, etc).
Good with time management.

Part Time: 9AM-5PM Wednesdays and Saturdays, Plus three flexible 12PM-6PM shifts.
Compensation: $10/hr with opportunity for increases based on experience and job performance.
Send resume, cover letter and your responses to the questions below to:
No in-person or phone applications will be accepted. Do not call or inquire in person.

Question 1:
Imagine yourself in the following scenario:
You’re hired! It’s day 7 of your new job at TDGF and you’re busy cleaning up the front desk area when your boss runs up to you, hands you a piece of glass and says, “Hey ________! I need you to ship this out today. I’ll email you the customer’s contact info in a few minutes. They paid the deposit, their invoice is in Quickbooks. I’ve got to go, I’m late for a meeting and I won’t be back today. . ..But this needs to be out of here TODAY.”

You can assume that in your first 7 days you’ve been trained on/shown where to find the following:
Packing supplies
Access to Quickbooks

The dust settles as the boss runs off. What do you do? Describe the steps you might take to complete this task. Provide as much detail as you see fit. There is no right answer. If this was your piece of glass, your customer, your business how would you handle this task?

Question 2:
You’ve now been working at TDGF for a month! Things are great, you’re settled in. It’s Friday morning and you are the only person working this morning. About 2 hours into the day you notice the phone hasn’t rung a single time. You pick up the phone and there is no dial tone.

You can assume that in the first month you’ve been trained on/shown where to find the following:
Contact list for staff
Location of equipment that handles the phone system and internet

What do you do? Describe the steps you might take to solve this problem. Provide as much detail as you see fit. There is no right answer. If this was your business how would you handle this problem?

Question 3:
You’ve been working at TDGF for 2 months and believe that you’ve met most of the staff. A person that you don’t recognize walks into the gallery and breezes by the front desk with a purposeful look about them. What is your response?

Question 4:
Do you share our core values? If so, how and why?

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