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With over 6,000 square feet of open space, Third Degree Glass Factory houses two distinct art galleries. The East Gallery displays the work of local artists who work across a variety of mediums such as photography, painting, fiber, printmaking, and sculpture. Our Hotshop Gallery, adjacent to our Hotshop glassblowing studio, showcases the glass artwork of over 35 different glassblowing, flameworking and fused glass artists, all made in the studios at Third Degree.


The Hotshop Gallery features a beautiful assortment of Third Degree glass artists’ artwork, kept on a regular rotation by the artists themselves. There’s something new to see every day!

Every time you purchase a work of art from our gallery, you are not only supporting our locally-owned business, but also the independent artists whose livelihoods are dependent on artwork sales. We guarantee that all artwork you purchase is created locally and your money is going directly back into the local economy.

For inquiries about items currently for sale in the gallery, contact us at gallery@stlglass.com.
For custom art & awards, follow the link below for more info.


Custom Art & Awards  


Mystic Cairns by Garry McMichael

About the show:

For four years Garry have been working on a body of work called Cairns and Rocks. It is a grouping of paintings in the form of still-lifes and rock-strewn landscapes that is the emphasis of this body of work. Garry’s inspiration to paint Cairns and Rocks comes from his visits to the North Shore of Lake Superior, western trips to Utah’s and Arizona’s Red Rock Country and discoveries on Ozark gravel bars.  Garry comes across these beautiful cairns, created and left behind by other creative rock lovers. He says, “I like to think of my cairn paintings as collaborations with rock lovers and artists I’ve never met.”

About the Artist:

“I am a visual artist, a painter and photographer.  Being blessed with a head full of ideas, it is through the challenge of turning these ideas into reality that I find expression for my art.  The natural world and the environment have always been a powerful influence in my ideas, but so has mankind and our relationship to the environment.  A rock is nature, but a man can stack rocks and turn them into a symbol, a fence, a shelter or even an exquisite sculpture.  It is where nature and man come together I am finding the my most interesting visions and motivation.”

Mystic Cairns will be on display until Wednesday, October 14.

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