Glass 1 Course - Third Degree Glass Factory
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Glass 1: Intro to Glassblowing

Learn beginner glassblowing skills and techniques!

The goal of this course is to become an independent glassblower and ultimately be able to rent studio time on your own and practice on your own before moving to Glass 2.

Have you ever wanted to be able to blow your own glass?



Get ready for an exciting 5-week introduction to glassblowing. Start learning the basic skills, such as gathering, marvering, puntying, blowing, shaping and how to use the tools. These skills are needed to create your own one-of-a-kind blown vessels. You will work in small teams and learn how to talk about the process. Communication is key to letting others know what you are expecting to make in your blow slot. You will start out making cups, bowls, and vases with clear glass before eventually getting to work with colored glass.

Glassblowing is a team sport. Teamwork and perseverance are a must. You will be working in groups of 2 or 3 depending on enrollment. Eventually, you will need someone to work with since working solo is not really an option. On average, you can expect to get one piece made each night.

The goal of this course is to become an independent glassblower and ultimately be able to rent studio time on your own and practice on your own before moving to Glass 2.

First class is Tuesday, October 10th. Classes will run on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5-8p. Last class will be on November 9th. 

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No prior glass experience is needed. 15 yrs of age or older. Minors will need an adult to sign a waiver before they can participate.


Bring safety glasses and wear cotton fiber clothes and closed-toed shoes. All materials and equipment use is included in the cost


Glass blowing is a very physical hot process. It can be physically demanding and strenuous. Not recommended for people that are not able to stand and move around for long periods of time.

In order for the class to run, we will need a minimum of 4 students. There are a maximum of 12 spots. 

No refunds after Tuesday, October 3rd.


For the first night of class park in the main lot and enter through the main entrance.

Meet the Instructors

Jeremy Lampe

Jeremy Lampe, originally from Kirkwood, is the glass professor at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and instructor at Third Degree Glass Factory. He also teaches ceramics, sculpture and 3D design at St.Louis Community College. Lampe received his MFA from Illinois State University in 2018 and his BFA from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville in 2005. His exhibitions include Heartland 4, SOFA Chicago, the Smithsonian Craft Show, Washington Craft Show, Philadelphia Museum Show, Transformations 6:Contemporary Works in Glass at the Society for Contemporary Craft in Pittsburgh, and NEXT in Glass at the St. Louis G.A.S. conference. He has worked as a studio assistant for glass artists John Miller, Stephan Powell and Tony Cray. Lampe’s work is dynamic and animated capturing the process of their making, while manipulating the materials in a way that shows its plasticity and fluidity.

Addison Hanna

The fluid nature of glass attracted Addison’s eye at the early age of 15, and he became captivated by the art of glassblowing.Quickly, it engulfed his life, and constant practice allowed him to gain the skills, knowledge, and desire to further his career. After graduating high school, Addison left St. Louis to study glassblowing at Emporia St ate Univ ersity in Emporia, Kansas. There, his understanding of the medium grew as he studied under nurmeous professional artists and traveled to studios throughout the United States. His career working with glass, then and since, has been heavily influenced by the Venetian style of glass making, in an eff ort to build the technical skill required to express himself within the material. Addison has spent a large amount of his time in some of the more remote parts of the Pacific Northwest, primarily in southeastern Alaska. Particularly, his experiences in the far north have provided a unique focus to the lens he views the world through, both artistically and philosophically. “In my current work, I am trying to take glassmaking, with its rich history of intricate design and delicate craftsmanship, and transform it though form and texture to create a more primal feeling of being one with and part of the Earth. I have always been intrigued by the diversity and variation in the life that surrounds us. From the microscopic, single-celled organisms to the largest mammals, I view all beings with a sense of unwavering fascination, which has, in turn, influenced my work and life. “Replicating nature is my personal way of paying homage to an intricate system of which I am only a small, and grateful part.”

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