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Fused Mosaic Class

Shape and cut glass to create your 8x8 fused mosaic

Take your glass skills to the next level!

Learn how to cut and manipulate glass into a simple design to be turned into a fused glass mosaic!  You will work on an 8 x 8 base of clear glass. Bring a simple design(to size) to be placed under the clear glass and create it with glass. You will cut and shape the glass to create your design. First class is creating the design and the second class is adding glass powder to create the mosaic look. After day 2, we will fire the piece in the kiln. Your piece can be flat or we can slump it into a curved plate as well. You will be making 1 plate. First class is Friday. April 28th 12p – 3p, and second class is Saturday, April 29th from 12 to 3pm.





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Eligibility: No prior  experience is needed. 10 yrs of age or older. Minors need to be accompanied by an adult.  15 – 17 just need the waiver signed by an adult before participation. Accompanying adults don’t need to pay for the class unless they also want to make a fused mosaic piece. 

Requirements: N95 Mask, Design idea, preferably sized to go under the clear glass, closed-toe shoes.
All materials and equipment use is included in the cost

Disclaimer: In order for the class to run, we will need a minimum of 3 students.  There are a maximum of 8 spots. No refunds after April 21st.


Fused Glass Artist & Instructor Sandy Krebeck has been crafting for as long as she can remember. She has sewn and made quilts for over 25 years. “I also love and admire all things handmade and dabble in quite a few crafts,” she says. Sandy started in glass 21 years ago, learning stained glass first and then taking a fusing class. Immediately she was hooked, soon purchasing a kiln and making her own creations at home. Sandy was first introduced to Third Degree in 2011 at a Third Friday Open House, where she met cofounder Doug Auer and inquired about opportunities. It wasn’t long before Sandy found herself working and making her own creations in Third Degree’s fused glass studio.Sandy’s creations are purposeful for around the house, and make great gifts. Sandy focuses on small items that she would like in her home, as well as personalized gifts perfect for a wedding or baby shower. She loves giving away her handmade creations to many friends and family. Sandy describes her style as clean and pretty with a little whimsy.

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