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Private Experiences with Food and Beverage

Perfect for corporate team building, bachelor/bachelorette parties, family outings, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more!  Pick and choose what you’d like to offer during your guided experience in our hotshop. Only available for groups 4 to 20 guests, Monday – Saturday. Larger groups (20+) will require a small group rental.


Experiences with Lunches will require a one-gallery rental at $150/hour that includes tables/chairs/black linens/glass centerpieces.

Russo’s Grab and Go Lunch Bag • $12 per person
Great for School Groups! Pick from: Roast Turkey, Boss Beef, Office Ham Sandwiches or Grilled Veggie Wrap. Served with bistro chips, a gourmet chocolate chunk cookie, lemonade and water. Tables and chairs are included. (If ordering under 20, add $16.95 delivery charge)

Russo’s Signature Boxed Lunch • $13.50 per person
Delicious premium sandwiches served with fresh fruit and your choice of side salad and dessert. Select from 12 different sandwiches, 8 sides and 14 desserts!  (If ordering under 20, add $16.95 delivery charge)


Pub Snack Mix: Sweet and savory blend of petite crackers, mixed nuts, mini-pretzels, etc… $25 (15-20)

Bistro Dip & Chips: $21.00 Small (15-20) / $36.50 Large (30-40) – House-made chips with Asiago & Parmesan herb seasoning served with a French onion dip.

Tortilla Chips & Salsa $21.00 Small (15-20)/ $36.50 Large (30-40) –  Thin & crispy tri-colored chips. Served with roasted corn and black bean salsa.

Turtle Corn  $18.50 Small (10-15) $47.50 Med (30-35) / $86.50 Large (40-45) – Fresh caramel corn drizzled with white & dark chocolate and spiced pecans


Experiences with Appetizer Platters will require rental of tables/chairs/black linens. 
These platters and dips from Russo’s Gourmet Express are priced for 15+ guests.  Third Degree will order, place, maintain, remove and clean up.


Signature Dips
Small serves 15 – 20 / Large serves 30 – 40

Spinach Artichoke $26.00 Small / $41.50 Large – with tomato rubbed fettuna
Mediterranean Hummus $34.50 Small / $60.00 Large – with pita points
Tomato Basil Bruschetta $36.50 Small / $54.50 Large – with savory biscotti
Crab Rangoon $39 Small /  $65 Large – with crispy wonton chips
Southwest Layer $33 Small / $50 Large – with tri-colored tortilla chips
Buffalo Chicken $35.50 Small / $52.00 – with corn tortilla chips


Small serves 15 – 20 / Large serves 30 – 40

Fruit Fromage $56 Small / $96 Large
Includes cheddar, Swiss, pepper Jack, amber valley port derby, whipped sharp cheddar, smoked
Gouda, herb Boursin, almond apricot brie, grapes, apples, strawberries & pineapple. Served with
assorted crackling bread.

Savory Cheesecake & Smoked Sausage $50 Small / $86.50 Large
Multi-layered flavors of cheese mousses with chopped pecans. Includes Italian, spicy Andouille &
smoked summer sausages. Paired with cheddar, Swiss & smoked Gouda cheese. Served with
assorted crackling bread.

Grilled Vegetable Platter $43.00 Small / $67.00 Large
An array of fire-roasted vegetables including asparagus, red & yellow peppers, mushrooms, green
beans, potatoes, Malibu carrots & zucchini. Served cold with balsamic aioli dipping sauce.

Chef’s Antipasto $60.50 Small / $99.50 Large
Tortellini marinated vegetable salad accompanied by salami, pastrami, prosciutto wrapped melon,
roasted tomato & mozzarella skewers, shaved Parmesan & provolone cheese, marinated mushrooms
with spinach & artichokes. Served with rustica bread slices.

Crudités & Dip $35.50 Small /  $56.00. Large
Fresh in-season vegetables including broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, celery, zucchini, cucumbers,
tomatoes, green beans, baby corn & bell peppers. Served with Cajun dipping sauce.

Sesame Chicken Satay (2 dozen) $46.50 / (4 dozen) $80
Marinated sesame encrusted chicken strips. Served with Thai peanut sauce.

Southwest Grilled Shrimp regular (dozen) $26.00/  jumbo (dozen) $36.50
Grilled & chilled shrimp, marinated southwest style. Served with Russian dipping sauce.
(2 dozen minimum)

Bistro Sandwich Collection
Mini dollar roll sized sandwiches by the dozen

Smoked Beef Brisket with roasted tomato aioli on a croissant- $33
Honey Glazed Ham with dijonnaise on a pretzel roll- $31.50
House-roasted Beef with horseradish cream on a dollar brioche- $30.50
Chicken Salad with lettuce on a croissant- $35.00
Albacore Tuna Salad with mild cheddar on croissant $36.50
Oven Roasted Turkey with smoky Russian dressing on a multi-grain wheat bun $29.50

Mini Wraps & Rolls: 2 dozen minimum
Santa Fe Chicken $15.00 (12)– with chipotle drizzle in a tomato flatbread

Grilled Vegetable Wrap $22.50 (12) – Colorful assortment of charbroiled vegetables. Wrapped with spiced Boursin cheese in a tomato flatbread.

Mixed Grilled Summer Rolls $27.00 (12)– Teriyaki beef & chicken with glass noodles & Asian vegetables. Served with sweet chili & Thai sauce.

Rock Shrimp Roll $29.50 (12) – Marinated gulf shrimp with toasted corn, fire-roasted peppers, tomatoes & Jack cheese. Wrapped in a spinach flatbread with chipotle sauce.

Asian Vegetable Summer Roll $27.00 (12) – Rice noodles, Asian vegetables, crisp cucumber & Thai peanut sauce

Triple Crown Sampler: Teriyaki tenderloin brochettes, southwest grilled shrimp, & grilled chicken breast served on a bed of chiffonade microgreens with a smoky Russian dressing & Italian vinaigrette. • $13.50 per person.

Mini Dessert Collection – $25.50 per Dozen
Hot Chocolate Brownie • Chocolate Opera Cake Square • Cranberry Cake • Chocolate Peanut Butter Caramel Crunch • Chocolate Peppermint Tort• Tiramisu Parfait• Peanut Butter S’more Swirl • St. Louis Gooey Butter • Pineapple Brulee with Toasted Coconut • Strawberry Cheesecake • Creme Brulee Tort • Chocolate Almond Macaroon

Hand-Dipped Cookies – $14 per Dozen
Chocolate Chip • Gooey Butter Honey-Walnut Oatmeal • White Chocolate Macadamia



Beverages are based per person by the hour, rounded up on the half-hour.

NON-ALCOHOLIC BAR • $2.00 per person per hour. An assortment of Sodas and Juices is provided. Water is always included.

BEER, WINE, SODA BAR • $8.00 per person per hour.  Wine:  Moscato, Chardonnay, Pinot Noir. Beer: Bud Light, Budweiser, and one craft. An assortment of sodas, orange juice, grapefruit, pineapple and cranberry juice provided.

BOOZY COFFEE BAR • $5.00 per person per hour. Includes Bailey’s & Kahlua + All the Fixins: Sugars, creamers, whipped cream and sprinkles.







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