ARTIST FEATURE: Mike Wyatt - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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Meet our new latest featured artist, Mike Wyatt! Mike is passionate about creating art, and brings a unique perspective to the fused glass studio. Read more about him in this month’s artist feature!


How did you begin working with glass?

I started blowing glass about 14 years ago. However, due to my advanced age I found fusing much easier and I was able to really use my imagination. I take mostly broken or scrap glass and figure out artistic ways to use this.

What inspires you to created glass art?

Mostly the people that work at Third Degree. They do such incredible work and I just try to keep their bar high. All of the different artists inspire me. I observe everyone and probably take a little from everyone.

Do you have any “secret weapons” in your toolbox?

My secret weapon is Mark Salisbury, our kiln studio director. He will answer any question, usually with “it could be tricky” and away I go. The questions I ask Mark most often are: what is the meaning of life and why did my glass crack?

What art projects are you working on now? 

I am taking scrap glass and making color bars, cutting them to fit a clear backer, and doing a heavy fuse [before] finally slumping into a mold to make a bowl. I do this by taking scrap glass and binding it into color bars. Then I slice the color bars and do a flat plate. Once plate is done, I slump it into a bowl.

What do you love to do when not in the studio?

I love to follow my grandsons who play basketball and baseball. Also, I am now working at MADE, trying to learn how to work in wood. And I have a new grandson due next month! I also work with my son, Matt, sorting out and cutting wood to use for future projects.
Anything else you would like to add? 
If you are looking for inspiration come to Third Degree Glass and take a glass experience!


Come see Mike’s amazing work in our gallery! We’re open Monday-Saturday 10:00a-5:00p and Sunday 11:00a-4:00p.

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