ARTIST FEATURE: Lendy Middendorf - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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ARTIST FEATURE: Lendy Middendorf

Lendy Middendorf is Third Degree’s very own “glass petaler.” Read more about our amazing lampworker in this month’s artist feature!

Where are you originally from?
Belleville, IL

How did you begin working with glass?
I have always been enchanted by glass work and the process.   I had an opportunity to take Lampworking lessons and dove in head first.

What inspires you?
Nature structure has always inspired me.   Studying how plants are constructed.   The symmetry and balance of floral design.

What’s in your toolbox?
Diamond shears, cup shears, tungsten tweezers, brass marver, brass pokey tool (yes that is a real name), curved graphite marver.

What are you working on now?
I am starting a series of larger floral pieces.   Wisteria bloom and Hydrangea bloom.

What experiences do teach and what do you enjoy about teaching?
I am starting to teach the bead experiences for Third Fridays.

What do you love to do when not in the studio?
I love to travel and photograph botanicals on my travels.  Recently I visited a Joshua Tree garden.  Quite stunning.


Come and visit us to see Lendy’s incredible glass work in our gallery! You might even see her working at the torch in the Flameworking studio!

We’re open Monday-Saturday 10:00a-5:00p and Sunday 11:00a-4:00p.


Calling all glass artists nationwide! Submit your work by July 1 to be considered for a 2025 Third Degree Glass exhibition.
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