Andrew Milano: Paramedic, ICU RN, Artist - Third Degree Glass Factory
ST. LOUIS, MO 63108
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Andrew Milano: Paramedic, ICU RN, Artist

Milano watched a glassblowing demonstration one Third Friday. He was hooked. And his life changed forever.

  • When was your first glass class?  After seeing that glassblowing demonstration several years ago, I couldn’t get it out of my mind. I finally took my first class – an eight-week intro to glassblowing – in 2012.
  • So…what is it about glass?  It’s mysterious and dynamic. It’s so alive! It allows me to express my feelings and incorporate them into the pieces I make.
  • What a cool wall sculpture! Tell me about it?  I was in the mood to make something completely different so I thought I’d try mixing metal with glass flowers. Years ago I helped my father with woodworking projects so this seemed like a natural thing to do. Plus it was a new experience to create such a challenging and lively wall piece. Whatever I create with glass, I strive for symmetry and pureness using solid vibrant colors.
  • What’s next?  I want to refine the glass techniques I’ve learned and explore new concepts, doing more mixed media pieces with glass. I work in the Cardiovascular ICU at Mercy Hospital as an RN and was recently accepted into Webster University’s Nurse Anesthetist program, an area of work that also fascinates me. I begin the program in August.

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