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8 Things to Do After Getting Engaged

8 Things to Do After Getting Engaged


It happened. You’ve squealed your emphatic “YES!” after the’ve finally popped the question. Love is in the air and engagement season is upon us. But now what? Don’t let the stress of planning for your big day outweigh all the fun. Use our tips below to seamlessly coordinate your next steps after getting engaged.


1. Take some time to enjoy your happiness

Hearing “Will you marry me?” was one of the best moments of your life. So take time to revel in it. Spend time enjoying the love you share with your fiancé (You get to call them that now!).  You’ll have plenty of time to crunch numbers, book dates, and make plans later – pump the breaks and enjoy the stillness. Things will be complicated before you know it. Celebrate with just the two of you – with a quiet night in, or a cabin retreat for a weekend just after getting engaged.

2. Tell your loved ones – in the right order!

It might not matter if your second cousin or an old friend from middle school catches wind of your news on social media – but your mama will surely care! Make sure you tell your parents first, then family, then friends who’ve become family. After all the most important people in your lives are up to speed on your engagement, you can tell friends/acquaintances and lastly social media.

Pro-tip: don’t forget that manicure if you plan to post ring photos!

3. Set your budget and guest count

This is the most important first step after getting engaged. Your budget sets the stage for your entire wedding. After you’ve established your budget, drafting a rough guest list will help you determine the cost per person you can spend. This comes in handy when budgeting food, drinks, and overall costs.

4. Set your date/choose your venue

What’s more important to you – your date or your venue? If your venue is the most important, you may need to be flexible on your preferred date. Great venues fill up quickly! Here at Third Degree Glass Factory, we offer ceremony and reception packages in a unique industrial-modern setting within a glass art gallery. Third Degree is incredibly unique and truly breathtaking.


5. Hash out your non-negotiables

Maybe you hate traditional wedding food. Or your partner hates the color you envisioned as the focal point for your big day. Don’t make the mistake of assuming you know what your fiancé wants. It’s important to ask them and keep an open line of communication. This will make your next planning steps A LOT more painless.

6. Choose your vendors

If you’re going to enlist the help of a wedding planner, start here. A planner will provide you with a wealth of information – especially if this is your first wedding. The next most important is your photographer. They will be with you all day and are in charge of preserving your memories. While we’re talking about photographers – make sure you book an engagement shoot. This isn’t just informal and super cute – it also helps you get to know your photographer, the way they flow through poses and photos, and helps you get a grasp on what to expect during your wedding.

The next step is your DJ. Your DJ isn’t just your music guru. They MC your entire reception. Choosing a competent, talented person for the job is of utmost importance. Here at Third Degree Glass Factory, we highly recommend Riverview Entertainment in St. Louis. They utilize top-of-the-line audio equipment, live-mixing and digital vinyl scratching to make your special day even more special.


Other vendors you need to book include your: caterer, florist, cake baker, ceremony officiant, and hair and makeup artists!

7. Gather inspiration + select your color palette

Pinterest and Instagram are 2 great resources to use when coming up with design ideas. Hashtags are a huge assist here! #weddingdesign, #weddingideas, and #weddingcolors are all great starting points.

Choose a theme and then your colors, or your colors and then a theme – whichever is more important to you! “Illuminating” yellow and “ultimate gray” are Pantone’s colors of the year for 2021. Consider these options if you want to be super on-trend.


8. Remember what’s most important

Your wedding will be one of the most important days of your life. But you know what’s more important? Your marriage. Keep this in mind as stress builds, or things unfold imperfectly. Your day will be beautiful no matter what! Don’t panic if things aren’t perfect.


If you need some extra help, or are interested in more information on hosting your ceremony and/or reception at Third Degree Glass Factory visit our Events Page. You can also contact Alison (our event coordinator) directly at 314-396-2827 or alison@stlglass.com.



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