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7 Tips to Plan Your Wedding During the Pandemic

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Planning your wedding is no easy task. Once you add a global pandemic to the mix, it’s easy to be intimidated. Don’t let COVID-19 overwhelm you during this process! With these 7 pandemic wedding tips, you’ll be a pro in no time:

Keep your guest list small

Intimate weddings aren’t just trendy- they’re important to maintain social distancing. Make sure your guests are happy and comfortable during this time with a smaller ceremony and reception. This increases your budget per person, too – creating an even more amazing experience for everyone in attendance! Some venues are offering micro wedding packages to help accommodate.

Add Visual Stimulation to Your Day

Entertain your guests with an intimate and out-of-the-box experience they’ll be sure to remember. At Third Degree Glass Factory, artists will blow glass right in front of your guests! You can even combine glass colors during a unique unity ceremony to create a customized piece for you and your partner to cherish forever.

Use Wristbands to Determine Guest Comfort Level

Offer green, yellow, and red wristbands for your guests to wear to indicate their comfort level in the crowd. Green-banded folks have no pandemic concern. Yellow-banded folks are cautious but approachable. Red-banded folks ask other attendees to keep their distance.

Stream Your Ceremony

High-quality video cameras and state-of-the-art sound equipment make virtual wedding attendance possible. For those who are older, immunocompromised, or cautious during the pandemic, stream your wedding ceremony. Now Aunt Sue doesn’t have to miss out!

Choose a Cautious Caterer

Food handling safety is even more important than ever. Make sure your chosen caterer has new protocols to ensure your food’s safety (like buffet sneeze guards, air purifiers, sanitation techniques) One standout caterer in the St. Louis area for this is Championship Catering.

Communicate with Your Vendors

Making sure your vendors understand what is expected of them is key to a successful wedding. Ask your vendors what they are doing to keep your guests safe throughout your event.

Choose your DJ wisely

Choose a DJ you can trust, who has no problem announcing COVID-19 guidelines and protocols. In the St. Louis area, consider Riverview Entertainment. They provide a seamless, customized experience every time.

Re-Evaluate Your Expectations

You may not be planning the wedding you had expected, but this pandemic doesn’t have to ruin your day entirely. Keep an open mind as you navigate through these new obstacles. They may seem like setbacks now, but rest assured that they will be valuable memories later. Never forget that your wedding is about your marriage – and how you face new challenges together.


We hope you’ll use these 7 pandemic wedding tips to your advantage. For more tips and tricks, or information on beautiful, unique wedding venues in the St. Louis area, contact our Events Coordinator Alison Briley at alison@stlglass.com or 314-396-2827.

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