Holly Cooper – Rare Chemistry

September 16-17, 2017



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Holly Cooper has been a professional artist her entire career, working out of her studio in Austin, TX. She has a background in painting, art history, ceramics, textiles, jewelry and finally glass, her work melds all of these disparate disciplines into her creative work.

She draws inspiration from a variety of cultural and historical traditions and incorporates them into her glass beads.







This is a two day workshop in which Holly will share her unique surface techniques involving different forms of silver and applied stringer. These forms include silver leaf, foil, powder, and Double Helix silver glass. As we explore these techniques we will see how silver and hot glass transform one another in multiple ways.

This class is designed to open up new ways of using these special materials to add patina and depth to the surface of glass beads. In this class you will be able to see inside Holly’s creative process as she explains her method of exploration of these various forms of silver.

Students will receive an email 3 weeks prior to class with a tools list, meal information, and hotel information.

Students must have prior glass bead making skills. Suggested that student  have completed a beginning and intermediate bead making class or 100+ hours on the torch.


Feel free to give us a call at 314.367.4527, or email create@stlglass.com.
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